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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Links at Planet

Just a quick line to let you know a ton of new blog and article feeds have been posted over at Planet Narcolepsy.


Once you register and login, click "Feeds" in the menu to the right of the screen. Enjoy posts by patients with Narcolepsy, articles from the Academy of Sleep Medicine, and even a regularly updated Google search for the keyword "narcolepsy."

More to come...ENJOY!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

They did do 4 naps total on me on wed/thurs. sorry sleepy when I typed

That's ok. Knowing that, it appears you had a standard nap test, and I would be very surprised if you were not diagnosed with Narcolepsy.

Hopefully you will be able to review your results with your doctor soon and begin treatment. Good luck!

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ask me anything

Just did my multiple sleep latency test on Wed/thurs. After 1st nap,I was not even sure I fell asleep, 2nd nap,dreamed my crazy dreams (for some reason after that, they did a drug test on me) then they said one more nap was all they needed.???????

It is not unusual for those of us with Narcolepsy or other REM Sleep Disorders to believe we are awake when we are actually asleep. EEG studies often show increased "awake" brain activity at times the rest of the brain is clearly outputting "sleep" wave activity. We're special...we literally get to be awake and asleep at the same time.

It is odd that they would only do two naps, as it is usually 4-5 depending on whether or not you actually fall asleep and the information they are able to record. In your case, you say you dreamed, which means you did go into REM level sleep in a short period, which is a classic indication of Narcolepsy.

Since the official criteria to diagnose Narcolepsy through an MSLT states two or more incidents of REM during the naps is highly indicative of the condition, your center may only require two positive naps and have assumed you would have a second.

As for drug testing, it's not something I necessarily agree with, but symptoms of narcolepsy are also symptoms of using certain recreational substances. While it does not feel good to get the impression your doctors don't believe you or trust you, they must also protect themselves and you and rule out every possibility.

Please let us know what happens when your results are in, and best of luck to you!

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